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Developers moving from HTML to XHTML face a strange combination of new and old. The HTML vocabulary still works much as it did, but there are new rules to obey about document structure, as well as a much greater emphasis on coding to standards. While developers may have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of HTML tables, forms, and images, XML's tighter syntactical rules and new tools like namespaces and modularization require a bit more of a transition.

The xml-xhtml-tips list provided a regular flow of information about XML and XHTML aimed at a broad audience of developers moving toward XML and XHTML. Tips varied in level over time, and contained announcements of new developments in XML and XHTML.

This list has been closed. Archives remain available.


Archives are available by date and category. An announcements archive is also available.

More XHTML information

For more information on XHTML, check out the XHTML-L mailing list at eGroups. The list maintains a collection of XHTML links and an archive of messages. You may also be interested in my book, XHTML: Moving Toward XML

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