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9 October 2000 - New XHTML Modularization, XML

The W3C has released a new working draft of Modularization of XHTML. An xmlhack story provides more detail.

Also, the W3C released a Second Edition of XML 1.0, incorporating errata. It's still pretty dense, but at least all the information is now in a single document. Again, xmlhack has a story.

19 September 2000 - BBEdit support for XHTML

Bare Bones Software has updated BBEdit, their Macintosh text editor, to support XHTML 1.0 and WML 1.1 syntax coloring. They've also made that coloring process extensible, which may make BBEdit a good tool for XHTML/XML hybrids.

2 September 2000 - DOM Level 3 initial drafts

The W3C has released three initial drafts for the Document Object Model, Level 3. For more information, see xmlhack

1 September 2000 - XHTML Events

The W3C has released a new draft of XHTML Events. For the draft, see http// also has a story.

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