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Book: Introducing Erlang

Introducing Erlang

Books: Introducing Elixir (2 editions)

Introducing Elixir

Graph: Temperature and Dewpoint

Local Weather

Map of Dryden, NY

Living in Dryden

Map of Battle of Queenston Heights

Death, Hell, or Canada

Metaphor: Problems at the foundation of mountains

The Allure of Gothic Markup (Slides)

Quaker Meetinghouse, Genesee Country Museum

Light and Silence

Title fragment: Random

Simon's Random Thoughts

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Woodworking Reboot

Books: Learning Rails (3 editions)

Learning Rails

Book: XML Pocket Reference, 3rd

XML Pocket Reference, 3rd

State Capitol in Albany, NY

Upstate 2050

O'Reilly Media t-shirt

O'Reilly posts (older posts)

Darth Duckling

Geeky Gardening

Hazmat crew cleaning up XML Schema

XML and Playmobil

Book: Office 2003 XML

Office 2003 XML

Book: Programming Web Services with XML-RPC

Programming Web Services with XML-RPC

Book: Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3 (IDG)

Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3

Books: XML: A Primer (three editions)

XML: A Primer

Book: XML Elements of Style

XML Elements of Style


XHTML: Moving Toward XML

Book: Building XML Applications

Building XML Applications

Book: Inside XML DTDs

Inside XML DTDs: Scientific and Technical

Book: Cookies


Book: Sharing Bandwidth

Sharing Bandwidth

Book: Dynamic HTML: A Primer

Dynamic HTML: A Primer

Model Railroad under bed

Underbed Railroading

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